Flirt SMS

I was trying to send you The cutest thing in the world But then the post office people asked me step out

A woman will flirt with anyone in the world As long as other people are looking on.

Every night when I go home , will start crying Because I’ll have to wait Until tomorrow to see you again.

Some people were fighting for our country And I was scared, but when I saw your face I was ready for war.

There must be some problem with my eyes I can’t take them off you

I’m sitting here thinking to myself Why is my heart not beating anymore Forgot you took it last night.

People tell me the river is beautiful So you must be the ocean.

You are adorable, mademoiselle I study your feet with the microscope And your soul with the telescope.

I think of you only twice a day When I am alone and when I am with someone else.

My keyboard reminds me of us U and I are always together.

If the weapon is your love I got my hands up If you're gonna take me down, I surrender.

Dear, I would love to go on a date with you Provided you pay the eating bills for me I don’t like spending too much on anything sweetheart.

Dear girl, I send you good morning wishes as you rise And shine in the lovely morning I wish your day shines up brighter like your smile Which shines up my life with joy.

What is the height of Flirting When your love letter starts with “TO WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN.

I may not always love the one who loves me But I surely do respect their choice.

Angels are moving from door to door Today dropping heavenly blessings I prayed to God they get to your door As they just left mine.

Walk with me when ur hearts needs company Take my hand when u feel all alone Turn to me when u need some1 to lean on Coz I’m the one u can always depend on!

Life without u is impossible U r in my breath and blood I cant stay for a second without u If u r not there I am dead Oye hello I am talking about OXYGEN.

When I open my eyes every morning I pray to God that everyone should have a friend like you Why should only I suffer!

The more u learn the more u know The more u know the more u forget The more u forget the less u know so ...why to learn.

I believe u so much I trusted u so much but u told my secret to every one Why did u told every one that i am so beautiful

Of all the friends I've ever met Your the one I won't forget And if I die before you do I'll go to heaven and wait for you.

Texting is not real flirting But until we are together I will have to make do.

You’ve been on my mind all day I think you’ll like what you see later tonight.

Looking forward to tomorrow Since you get more and more beautiful every day.

Good morning, gorgeous Hope your day is as wonderful as you are!

Let’s commit the perfect crime I will steal your heart if you will steal mine.

If nothing lasts forever I was wondering if you would be my nothing?

My life may be confusing for so many areas But the only thing I know for sure Is that I am truly happy When I am with you.

Hey, gorgeous I wanted to see how you are doing since we have not talked for a while.

We need not feel ashamed of flirting with the zodiac The zodiac is well worth flirting with.

If you're a gifted flirt Talking about the price of eggs Will do as well as any other subject.

I want to kill the SWEETEST SMARTEST, CHARMING, ATTRACTIVE And GOOD LOOKING Person on earth But then I thought my friend.

I get the best feeling in the world When you say ""Hi"" or smile at me Because I know that even for a second That I've crossed your mind.

Your dad must have been a theif Because he stole all the stars in the sky And put them in your eyes.

I don't believe that love comes to those who wait Today love comes to those who flirt.