Joblessness - The Greatest Curse for Educated

By: Khushi Namdev, Rajasthan | February 19, 2018

We commonly hear telling our elders that we must concentrate in our studies. They tell us that our education will decide what we are going to be. From the childhood, we are forced to make a goal in our related field. By doing all the actions in favor of our career, we adjust in everything, whether it is hanging out with friends, celebrations in family, clothing, fashion and so on…

But, the question is, are we really getting the jobs and the educational goals, or all the efforts are in vain?

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I would like to share my personal experience about joblessness with you all. There are two kinda jobs e.i. Private Jobs and Government Jobs. If we talk about Government Jobs, these kinda jobs are really very hard nuts to crack. We burn the midnight oil to gain the government jobs. I tell you something about one of my friends named, Sara. She had cleared Railway exam in the year 2013. All the formalities had completed after the declaration of the exam result. But still she is jobless. Reason being, she did not receive the call letter yet. She had been waiting since 2013 for the call letter, but there was no response regarding this. What should a person do in this situation? Should she keep waiting for the call letter or should she consider it as a cheating with her?

"Are We Really Educated?"

Now, let's talk about Private Jobs that we think that these kinda jobs are very easy to find out. But in reality, this is only our misconception. A person leaves his hometown just because there is no job-field of his interest. He leaves everything, including family and friends, which he calls his "Whole World" to make his career and comes to a metro city. Now what, he has good academic record, better sense, good IQ level and much more. But the only thing he doesn't have, a job. Reason being, he is not experienced in his field of interest. Every interviewer asks for experience.

Where a person will get the experience from if no one will give him a chance?

This is only an example of joblessness. There are so many examples in all over India. Not only we, but also Employers, Government and each and every human being should think upon it.

India has a number of talented people. We need only a sight to recognize it.