To All The Singles - Valentine’s Day is Yours Too!

By: Deepak, Karnataka | February 14, 2018

For singles, there's maybe no day of the year more dreaded than Valentine's Day. Logically, we all realize that the occasion doesn't generally mean anything — however that doesn't make being single on Valentine's Day less easier. Who needs to watch happy couples traipse around, clasping hands and feeding each other heart-formed delicacies? I'll pass. Without a doubt, there are a ton of advantages of being single, however on February 14th, it’s like each couple you pass in the city exists exclusively to remind you of your romantic disappointments — and how effing discouraging is that?

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Yet, fortunately in case you're single this V-Day, you're not really alone. There are a huge number of people out there in same boat as you, so there's no compelling reason to close yourself away throughout the day, bemoaning your single status. How you spend the occasion is totally upon you, however what's the mischief in grasping the fact that you're single by getting all spruced up and hitting the town? Ideally, you meet somebody incredible. And the most worse could be, you have several beverages, then smash onto bed at 1 a.m. with some chicken nuggets (which doesn't sound half-terrible to me).

Accept your singlehood this year and spend your Valentine's Day doing whatever it is that makes you the most joyful — regardless of whether that implies cuddling up with your pet and watching Titanic once more.

Poems are the ideal perusing material to get you in the state of mind for a solo Valentine's Day. Like blowing up the most captivating Beyonce music, going through verses puts you stay in touch with the fiercest you, the you who is thinking creatively and boldly, the you that will put it all out there and comprehend the recondite, the vanguard, the abstract. Without a doubt, you can appreciate narrative poems, as well, yet the genuinely satisfying thing about reading verse for yourself is embracing the ambiguity, tossing yourself — into the rationale of another human. Would anyone ensure a Valentine's Day date going that incredible? Seems illegit.